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Canadian payrolls are growing increasingly complex.

The proper calculation of payroll is now beyond the capability of most payroll solutions in Canada, as more and more companies provide complex pay and benefit packages to their employees and expect the payroll department to make it happen.

Additionally, companies are demanding a detailed accounting breakdown of payroll expenses to properly manage their operations, and many current payroll systems can’t manage that.

For many companies, the only solution to these shortcomings has been to develop in-house spreadsheets and other records to generate the needed payroll information. This approach makes payroll even more difficult to keep track of, and results in double-entries, endless errors and fix-ups. Worse, finding the desired information means looking in several places.

PayDirt Payroll solutions for Canada handle all those difficult and complicated calculations automatically within the payroll program and helps you eliminate all of your spreadsheets. That’s why we recommend it.

Full Adagio Integration

Adagio AccountingPayDirt is fully integrated with Adagio Accounting. It imports the Chart of Accounts from Adagio and can – at your option – verify all transactions against that list. This ensures that the batch taken to the ledger is free of “invalid account” errors. Retrieving a PayDirt Payroll batch into Adagio Ledger is the same as retrieving any other Adagio subledger batch; Adagio Ledger recognizes PayDirt as a subledger and properly assigns the transactions when retrieving them.

But the interaction with Adagio goes further. PayDirt Payroll can also properly send transactions to Adagio BankRec making it easy to reconcile all your bank transactions in one place. For Adagio users without the BankRec module, a payroll batch can be sent through Adagio Payables allowing all payroll cheques to be cleared there.

PayDirt Payroll solutions Canada


PayDirt lets you…

  • Cut your payroll processing work in half.
  • Track all accruals within PayDirt Payroll with NO additional work.
  • Track accruals and banks in hours, dollars, or both.
  • Print accrual balances on employee pay stubs eliminating ongoing balance questions from staff.
  • Create complex calculations for hard to calculate paycodes.
  • Integrate payroll and your existing accounting so you can avoid manually re-entering all the details in the G/L.
  • Work with a payroll process that is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to train.
  • Both versions, Pro and Lite, handle all provinces’ payroll requirements, including Quebec’s.

payroll solutions CanadaPayDirt also has payroll solutions specifically designed for First Nations. In fact, more than 150 First Nations organizations across Canada use PayDirt to handle their unique requirements. Also, PayDirt for Social Assistance uses the familiar PayDirt payment process to handle social assistance payments and all reporting and tracking requirements.

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