Adagio Accounting Gives You Extremely Powerful Financial and Management Reporting

Paired with truly exceptional ease of use.

Adagio Accounting is designed for small to mid-sized companies where the accounting function is managed by trained accountants/bookkeepers rather than by the owner-operator. It features the control accountants look for to maintain the integrity of the books, while offering the flexibility to access the data in a meaningful, powerful way.

Adagio Accounting

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Adagio Accounting

  1. Adagio Ledger’s award winning financial reporter provides easy to create, yet incredibly powerful and flexible financial reports. The Financial Reporter’s drill-down feature lets you view detailed transactions from a financial statement in seconds, and send those details to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis at the click of a button.
  2. With Adagio you are never stuck with a chaotic, unworkable and frustrating chart of accounts or department structure. The Dakota Toolkit For Adagio will renumber your chart of accounts and or departments easily and without losing your valuable historical data.
  3. Adagio is easy to use and offers great value. Many organizations using Sage 300 ERP have switched to Adagio, and have saved time, money and frustration.
  4. Adagio Ledger’s soft year end allows you to seamlessly work in two fiscal years, automatically allocating all sub-ledger transactions to the correct fiscal year. Your year end will become just another month end with Adagio.
  5. Adagio ePrint automatically attaches unpaid invoices to an email with your monthly customer statement, improving AR collections and cash flow while saving money on postage.

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Designed for Business Growth

QuickBooks and Sage 50 do a little bit of everything. They are real-time systems – not batch systems. They are designed for owner-operators, with simplicity in mind. They do not handle large transaction volumes or large inventories well. Although Adagio Accounting is sold at a price-point that is a little more than the entry-level products, the depth of functionality and technical capabilities are closer to products that compete in the high-end enterprise accounting category. Adagio offers outstanding value for companies that have outgrown their entry-level product and are looking for an accounting software system that will meet their needs as they grow their businesses. 

Adagio is also, in many ways, much more flexible and powerful, yet significantly less expensive and complicated than products like Sage 300.

Exceptional Ease Of Use

The most important factor when considering a new accounting software is not “What did my Auditors recommend?”, “What software have I worked with before?”, or “What is the cost?”, but “What value will the purchase of the software bring to my organization?” Adagio is an easy to use, intuitive product that allows users, with the proper training, to not only quickly and efficiently take care of their day to day accounting operations, but more importantly, to obtain timely and meaningful information about their business to allow them to make informed, effective decisions. Unlike many other software products, with Adagio you will easily be able to make use of its rich feature set and functionality.

Flexible Transaction Posting

Rather than being forced to post each transaction to today’s date (like in QuickBooks or Sage 50), Adagio Accounting provides accountants the flexibility to post to previous periods, and even periods in prior years. Accountants need to control accounts for a diverse set of departments, divisions, and even multiple companies. They expect to produce financial reports that provide exactly the information that each constituent in the organization needs. Adagio gives them that.

Distributed Financial Reporting

If your organization is comprised of many different programs or areas of responsibility, Adagio FX Pro allows the finance team to automatically provide a secure, private and complete general ledger dataset for each program or department manager’s specific area of responsibility. Each manager has their own secure login to current financial details and statements, removing the ongoing burden from the Finance Department of providing this information on a monthly basis. Managers will not have to wait for financial information as it will be accessible at their finger tips.

About Ken Aberdeen

Ken Aberdeen, CPA, CMAKen Aberdeen is a seasoned CPA, CMA who has been contributing extensively in the First Nations, not-for-profit, construction, hospitality, and forestry industries for more than 25 years.

Ken is a recognized expert in general ledger restructuring and design, the creation of meaningful financial reports, and the finding and implementing of process improvements. He was also named the 2015 Canadian Adagio Accounting Consultant of the Year, by its developer, Softrak Systems.

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